The Geothermal Association of Iceland (GAI) was established on the 19th of May 2000 and now counts over 100 members. The membership includes in all around 20 firms, institutions and associations, which are active in or associated with geothermal energy matters. GAI is highly incentive driven and active in pursuing its objectives to:

  • Make internationally known the ability and experience of Icelandic geothermal workers and entities
  • Organise seminars / conferences relating to issues of importance to sustained geothermal development
  • Reinforce and strengthen cooperation between individuals in the various sectors of finance, trade and industry engaged in geothermal issues
  • Cooperate actively in International Geothermal Associations and projects


The Board of GAI 2014-2015:

Kristín Vala Matthíasdóttir, kristin (at)

Other Board Members:
Claus Ballzus, claus (at)
Egill Júlíusson, egill.juliusson (at)
Hildigunnur H. Thorsteinsson, hildigunnur.h.thorsteinsson (at)
Magnús Þór Jónsson, magnusj (at)
Magnús Ólafsson, mo (at)
Sigurjón N. Kjærnested, sigurjon (at)

This new Board was elected at the general meeting on 30 April 2014, including the Chair for a period of two years. The new Board will elect a Vice Chair, a Treasurer and a Secretary at its first Board meeting.