» Foreword

Ingvar Birgir Friðleifsson, President of GAI Einar Tjörvi Elíasson, Chairman of the IGC-2003 Organising Committee

» Greetings from the President of Iceland

Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson



» Setting the course: the Geothermal Training Programme

Hans von Ginkel, Rector of the United Nations University 

» Twenty five years of geothermal training in Iceland

Ingvar Birgir Fridleifsson, Director of the UNU Geothermal Training Programme


SESSION 01 – Binary cycles – Power generation

» Experience of creation and operation of geothermal power plants at Mutnovsky geothermal field, Kamchatka, Russia

Oleg Povarov, Valery Saakyan, Alexandre Nikolski, Victor Luzin, Grigory Tomarov and Maxim Sapozhnikov

» First hand experience in a second hand borehole: Hydraulic experiments and scaling in the geothermal well Groß Schönebeck after reopening

Heinz-Gerd Holl, Suzanne Hurter, Ali Saadat, Silke Köhler, Markus Wolfgramm, Günther Zimmermann, Ute Trautwein, Helmuth Winter, Björn Legarth and Ernst Huenges

» Thermodynamic Modeling of Binary Cycles – Looking for Best Case Scenarios

Silke Köhler and Ali Saadat

» Geothermal power generation in the Upper Rhine Valley – The Project Offenbach/Pfalz

Horst Kreuter, Norman Harthill, Michael Judt and Bodo Lehmann 

» The 30 MW Rotokawa I geothermal project five years of operation

Hilel Legmann and Phillip Sullivan 

» Factors influencing the economics of the Kalina power cycle and situations of superior performance

Pall Valdimarsson and Larus Eliasson 

» Production of electricity from geothermal heat – efficiency calculation and ideal cycles

Pall Valdimarsson 

» Harnessing of low temperature geothermal and waste heat using Power Chips™ in Varmaraf heat exchangers

Sean Kilgrow, Arni Geirsson and Thorsteinn Sigfusson 


SESSION 02 – UNU Geothermal Training Programme

» Contribution of UNU/GTP training to geothermal development in Africa

Martin N. Mwangi 

» Contribution of UNU/GTP training to geothermal development in Central America – Mexico

Luz Antonina Barrios Martínez 

» Contribution of UNU/GTP training to geothermal development in Asian countries

Francisco A. Benito and Alicia N. Reyes 

» Contribution of UNU/GTP training to geothermal development in China

Zhao Ping, Wang Kun and Liu Jiurong 

» Contribution of UNU/GTP training to geothermal development in Central and Eastern European countries

Beata Kepinska 


SESSION 03 – District Heating – Spas

» Systems of simultaneous operation of low- and high-temperature heating installations and the effect on the degree of geothermal energy utilization in a geothermal heating plant

Władysław Nowak and Aleksander A. Stachel

» Recent large scale ground-source heat pump installations in Ireland

Sarah O’Connell and Stephen F. Cassidy 

» Balneological prospects in Iceland using geothermal resources

Hrefna Kristmannsdóttir and Ólafur Grímur Björnsson

» The effects of developing the geothermal energy in Uniejów town, Poland

Aneta Sapińska-Śliwa 

» Meeting the annual heat demand

Þorleikur Jóhannesson and Þrándur S. Ólafsson 

» District heating for holiday homes

Jakob S. Friðriksson

» The geothermal heat pump boom in Switzerland and its background

L. Rybach and Th. Kohl

» Medicinal tourism in Hungary Oasis-farm

Benő Rátóti 


SESSION 04 – Geothermal Resources – Exploration

» Interpretation of geochemical data from wells in the western geothermal field of Romania

Oana Stănăşel and Ludovic Gilău

» Western states geothermal databases CD

Tonya L. Boyd 

» Geothermal resource potential of Himachal Pradesh, India

Dornadula Chandrasekharam, Mohammad Ayaz Alam and Angelo Minissale 

» Hydrogeochemical study of the Resadiye (Tokat) geothermal field, Turkey

Suzan Pasvanoglu and Baki Canik 

» Assessment of geothermal resources for the Qichun geothermal field, Shanxi, China

Huang Weixing, Yin Lihe and Wang Xiaoyong 

» Geology and the geothermal systems of the southern segment of the Kenya Rift

John Lagat 

» Geothermal energy in Uganda, country update

Godfrey Bahati 


SESSION 05 – Geothermal Development Schemes

» Geothermal resources of the Republic of Dagestan: present status and future potential

Aliyev R.M. and Badavov G.B.

» Present status and future development possibilities of Aydın-Denizli Geothermal Province

Sakir Simsek

» Geothermal use of tunnel waters – a Swiss speciality

L. Rybach, J. Wilhelm and H. Gorhan

» Geothermal development scheme for the Olympic Park in Beijing

Liu Jiurong


SESSION 06 – Iceland Deep Drilling Project

» The Iceland deep drilling project: Its global significance

Wilfred A. Elders, Gudmundur O. Fridleifsson and Seiji Saito

» Iceland Deep Drilling Project (IDDP): Drilling Targets for Supercritical Fluid

Guðmundur Ómar Friðleifsson, Halldór Ármannsson, Knútur Árnason, Ingi Þ. Bjarnason and Gestur Gíslason 

» Iceland Deep Drilling Project (IDDP): The challenge of drilling and coring into 350-500°C hot geothermal systems and down to 5 km

Sverrir Thorhallsson, Matthias Matthiasson, Thor Gislason, Kristinn Ingason and Bjarni Palsson 

» The Iceland Deep Drilling Project: Fluid Handling, Evaluation, and Utilization

Albert Albertsson, Jón Örn Bjarnason, Teitur Gunnarsson, Claus Ballzus and Kristinn Ingason 

» Iceland Deep Drilling Project: Deep vision and future plans

Gudmundur Ómar Fridleifsson, Albert Albertsson, Björn Stefánsson and Einar Gunnlaugsson 


SESSION 07 – Plant Management

» Simulator for operator training in the Sudurnes Regional Heating Corporation 30 MWel combined heat and power (CHP) plant

Geir Þórólfsson, Jóhann Þór Magnússon, Jón Vilberg Guðgeirsson, Þórður Runólfsson and Ágúst Bjarnason

» Monte Carlo simulation using Excel for predicting reliability of a geothermal plant

Daniela E. Popescu, Corneliu Popescu and Gianina Gabor 

» Geothermal plant design optimization by genetic algorithms

Corneliu Popescu and Daniela E. Popescu 

» Estimating short-term capacities of geothermal wells

Þorleikur Jóhannesson and Þrándur S. Ólafsson 

» Geochemical monitoring of the response of geothermal reservoirs to production load – examples from Krafla, Iceland

Stefán Arnórsson and Björn Th. Gudmundsson 


SESSION 08 – Direct Use - Industry

» Assessment on the uses of geothermal brine at the Berlín Geothermal field, El Salvador

Manuel Ernesto Monterrosa 

» Examples of industrial uses of geothermal energy in theUnited States

John W. Lund

» Geothermal steam for glycol plant

Gunnlaugur Friðbjarnarson, Teitur Gunnarsson and Gunnar Herbertsson 

» The drying of fish and utilization of geothermal energy; the Icelandic experience

Sigurjón Arason


SESSION 09 – Reservoir and Reinjection

» Impact of injection pressure during cold water reinjection on the state of stress in geothermal reservoirs

Pawel Wojnarowski and Adam Rewis 

» Evolution of selected geochemical and reservoir factors influencing the exploitation of the Podhale geothermal system, S-Poland

Beata Kepinska 

» Reinjection of thermal waters into sandstone reservoirs in the North German Basin

Peter Seibt

» Reinjection experiments in the basement geothermal reservoir, Tianjin, China

Wang Kun

» A preliminary update of natural state numerical model of Olkaria geothermal system, Kenya

Cornel O. Ofwona 

» Study on diffuse degassing and alteration mineralogy in the Berlín Geothermal Field

Ma. Inés Magaña, Elizabeth de Henríquez and Dina López


SESSION 10 – Country Overviews

» Overview of geothermal activities in Morocco

Yassine Zarhloule 

» Year-end geothermal development status of Turkey, 2002

Gulden Gokcen, Gunnur Kocar and Arif Hepbaslı 

» Future geothermal survey – Study in Mongolia

Purevsuren Dorj, Galsantseren Purevdorj, Tseesuren Batbayar and Ovgor Bavuudorj

» The possibilities of diverse use of geothermal energy in Lithuania

Vita Rasteniene, Bronius Radeckas, Povilas Suveizdis and Feliksas Zinevicius 

» Geothermal energy use in Russia

Valentina Svalova

» Utilization of geothermal energy in Serbia

M. Milivojevic and M. Martinovic 

» Utilization of geothermal energy in Iceland

Árni Ragnarsson


SESSION 11 – Multiple Use

» Húsavík Energy – Multiple use of geothermal energy.

Hreinn Hjartarson, Runólfur Maack and Sigþór Jóhannesson 

» Multiple integrated use of geothermal fluids of medium enthalpy and with high content of dissolved gas in Kiskunaság area in Hungary

Miklos Árpási

» District heating in Reykjavík and electrical production using geothermal energy

Einar Gunnlaugsson and Gestur Gíslason 

» New development, new products, new markets

Þorleifur Finnsson

» Hellisheiði power plant – Project management during the early stages of planning

Ingólfur Hrólfsson 

» Multiple integrated use of geothermal resources in the Kebili region, southern Tunisia

Mouldi Ben Mohamed 


SESSION 12 – Environmental Aspects

» Preliminary environmental impact assessment of a geothermal project in Meshkinshahr, NW-Iran

Younes Noorollahi and Hossein Yousefi

» Aspects of the quality – Environmental management system and cleaner production

Theodor Maghiar, Ada Mirela Tomescu and Cornel Antal

» Geothermal energy production and its environmental impact in Hungary

Elemer Bobok and Aniko Tóth 

» Practical methods of minimizing or mitigating environmental effects from integrated geothermal developments; recent examples from New Zealand

Chris Bromley

» Regulatory framework and preparation of geothermal power plants in Iceland – practical experience and obstacles

Auður Andrésdóttir, Óskar Sigurdsson and Teitur Gunnarsson

» Sustainable management of geothermal resources

Guðni Axelsson and Valgarður Stefánsson 

» Vegetation and invertebrates at three geothermal areas in Iceland

Asrun Elmarsdottir, Maria Ingimarsdottir, Iris Hansen, Jon S. Olafsson and Erling Olafsson

» CO2 emission from geothermal plants

Halldór Ármannsson 

» Ecological risk assessment of Nesjavellir co-generation plant wastewater disposal on Lake Thingvallavatn, SW-Iceland

Gabriel M.N. Wetang’ula and Sigurður S. Snorrason

» Environmental management at Olkaria geothermal project, Kenya

Benjamin M. Kubo

» Rapid environmental assessment tool for the extended Berlin geothermal field project

Ana Silvia Arévalo 

» Two dimensional subsidence modelling at Wairakei-Tauhara, New Zealand

Jim Lawless, Wataru Okada, Sergei Terzaghi, Phil White and Chris Gilbert 


SESSION 13 – Drilling and Production

» Winning the geothermal heat energy in one hole and two-hole systems

Tomasz Kujawa and Władysław Nowak 

» Simultaneous hydrogen sulfide abatement and production of acid for scale control and well stimulation

Darrell L. Gallup

» The idea of utilising old production wells for borehole heat exchangers in the near depleted oil field in Iwonicz Zdrój Poland

Tomasz Śliwa and Andrzej Gonet 

» Man-made, low-temperature geothermal reservoirs in abandoned workings of underground mines on example of Nowa Ruda coal mine, Poland

Zbigniew Malolepszy

» Silica scaling: The main obstacle in efficient use of high-temperature geothermal fluids

Ingvi Gunnarsson and Stefán Arnórsson 


SESSION 14 – Agricultural Use

» Preliminary study on the utilization of geothermal energy for drying of agricultural product

Andri Cahyo Kumoro and Dedy Kristanto 

» Removal of boron from Kizildere-Denizli geothermal brines using ion-exchange method

Mebrure Badruk and Nalan Kabay 

» Geothermal heating of greenhouses and aquaculture facilties

Tonya L. Boyd and John W. Lund 

» Sustainable use of geothermal energy in Icelandic horticulture

Björn Gunnlaugsson, Magnus A. Agustsson and Sveinn Adalsteinsson 


SESSION 15 – Poster Session

» Stimulation tests in a deep Rotliegend sandstone formation – Geochemical aspects

Andrea Seibt and Markus Wolfgramm 

» Geothermal Power Project 2003-2004, Energy framework programme – ALTENER II

László Ádám, Krisztián Edőcs and Einar Tjörví Elíasson